The Life of Yuri Malenchenko

Yuri Malenchenko was born on December 22nd 1961 in Svetlovodsk, Kirovograd Region, Ukraine.

He graduated from the Kharkov Military Aviation School in 1983, and from the Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy in 1993.

He was awarded the Hero of the Russian Federation medal, the National Hero of Kazakhstan medal, Military award of excellence, Meritorious Service medals (3), Commendation medal, Achievement medal, Medal “70 years of the Soviet Armed Forces”.

After graduation from the Military Aviation School, he served as a pilot, senior pilot and multi-ship flight lead from 1983 till 1987 in the Odessa Region. In 1987 he was selected as a cosmonaut, and arrived at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. From Dec. 1987 to June 1989 he underwent a course of general space training. After completion of the course, Malenchenko was qualified as a test-cosmonaut. In Sept. 1989 – Dec. 1993 he was taking advanced training courses getting ready for spaceflight. In Jan.-July, 1993 Malenchenko trained as commander of the Mir-14 reserve crew. In July 1993 – Jan. 1994 he completed training as a backup commander of the Mir-15 crew. In Feb. – June 1994 he trained for the Mir-16 mission.


Yuri Malenchenko's total Air Space time is 514d 11h 58m

Total number of space flights: 4

Yuri was awarded the following medals:

  • Hero of the Russian Federation
  • National Hero of Kazakhstan
  • Military award of excellence
  • 3 Meritorious Service medals
  • Commendation medal
  • Achievement medal
  • 70 years of the Soviet Armed Forces medal